Pirate 18 Cuddy

Launched in 2007 this boat has proven extremely popular and exceeded even our own expectations. From the moment you step on the boat you can tell it was designed by fishermen for fishermen.


Access to the foredeck and anchor locker is provided by a top quality Goiot hatch large enough for even the burliest of fishermen to fit through. Inside the cabin the seating area contains a large storage space and an internal lockable tackle box is fitted as standard on the FS model. The helmsman’s position allows you to comfortably drive the boat sitting or standing and the panoramic cuddy windows mean that you can aim the boat sitting at all speeds, a rarity in cuddy boats of this size.

The cockpit area is large enough to fish four people and is complimented by high freeboard and a non-slip finish. In the FS version stainless steel rocket launcher tower, under gunnel rod storage and live bait wells are all fitted as standard. Heavy duty ABS fendering encircles the craft.




As with all Pirate Boats this boat is extremely capable at sea. The basis for this comes from its unique gullwing hull. A design which has seen it gain great popularity with the commercial fishermen of South Wales as quite simply they can get to the bass fishing grounds when other boats of similar size are staying at home. The gullwing design allows the boat to have an extreme deep v hull with an incredibly steep dead rise whilst still retaining fantastic lateral stability. It really is a ride which is unparalleled in this size of boat. The shape of the hull also throws spray away from the boat providing an exceptionally dry ride. Even at 35mph she will perform a full lock turn with no lurching, skipping or jumping. All this amounts to the craft being incredibly safe, stable and predictable.


The hull is also very easily driven as the sharp entry bow cuts through the water. While this means you can get too far flung fishing marks or bays in quick time it also means that she is incredibly fuel efficient and in times of ever increasing fuel prices this is a major benefit of this boat. She will plane easily with a 40/50hp outboard and achieve speeds of 22-26mph. When fitted with the optimum engine in the 75-90hp range she will go on to 35-40mph. For those who like an adrenaline rush we rate this boat up to 150hp.


Build Quality


As with all our products we truly have a no compromise attitude to the build of the boat, this starts with the lay up of the hull. Wafer thin glass fibre tissue is placed under a double layer of gel coat to prevent blistering and gel coat defects. This is than backed with 9oz of cloth which over laps on the keel to provide 18oz where you are most likely to inflict damage. This thickness of hull is usually reserved for boats much larger in size. The same lay up is used for the deck and internal mouldings. The keel band is fitted prior to the joining of the boat so we can glass in the screws used from the inside insuring there is no chance of water leaking in.


A grid system chassis is used for the floor with bearers running longitudinally and laterally. These are then totally encapsulated in glass in a box system giving you 15 sealed compartments meaning if you were somehow to hole the hull only a small proportion could flood. All areas are flow coated leaving no bare wood or glass fibre anywhere in the boat.


When assembling the hull and deck and all other mouldings; all joins are bonded with strips of glass fibre and not just riveted like many of our competitors. This eliminates vibration, panting and gives the boat extra stiffness improving handling and sea keeping.

As a customer you have to be confident in the structural soundness of your vessel while at sea, that’s why all Pirates come with a 6 year structural warranty, enabling you to have the same confidence in our product as we do. We now make an effort to carry a range of boats in stock meaning no long waiting times or we can build you a boat from scratch to suit your individual needs and boating aspirations.

At Pirate boats we believe quality cannot be compromised on any part of your boat and this can be seen in the outstanding finish on every vessel. By just jumping aboard a Pirate you can feel the structural soundness in the boat, they are built to exceed the expectations of even commercial fishermen.

All of the products we produce are built in house allowing us to ensure that all work done is of top quality. For prospective customers we extend an open invite to visit us, see the boats being made and take a sea trial. This can be arranged 7 days a week.

Key Features

  • Extreme Deep V hull
  • Large access hatch to foredeck
  • Panoramic tinted windows
  • Heavy duty lay up as standard
  • Fantastic performance and low fuel consumption
  • Lots of storage
  • Huge fishing area
  • High freeboard
  • Built in tackle box
  • Grid system chasis
  • All 316 hardware
  • 6 Year warranty

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