Pirate 20 and 22 Cabin

Since its launch in 2001 the Pirate 21 has gained an enviable reputation in the small boating community. It can be used as a true thoroughbred off shore angling machine or a very practical family day boat, yet it is till trailerable.

The foredeck contains substantial pulpit rails, stainless steel bow roller and an anchor locker large enough to fit a small human in. The windows of the cabin are custom made for the boat by Technautique Marine Windows and consist of top quality plate glass and open on both the port and starboard side. In the cabin the dash is large enough to fit all instrumentation even large electronics and on the FS model a KAB suspension helmsman’s seat is fitted as standard. There are two pilot berths and enough storage to fit all of my girlfriend’s shoes (that’s a lot of storage!!).

Access to the cockpit is through split access cabin doors which minimise intrusion into the fishing area. The usable area is massive for a boat of this size and a non-slip finish is applied to the self-draining deck. Heavy D Section fendering is used.

The back of the boat contains two storage wells or live bait wells and an engine well large enough to take twin outboards.


‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’ pretty much sums up this boat. While the looks give the impression of a more traditional craft the truth is far from that. Performance and handling resemble that of a RIB and not a fishing boat and sea keeping conveys a sense of being in a much larger boat.

The naval architect designed hull provides a fantastic balance of speed, stability and fuel economy. With the maximum horsepower of 250 the boat is capable of over 50mph and with the minimum HP of 90 she will still do 30mph and cruise easily at 22mph. Whilst hurtling along at 50mph might not be everyone’s cup of tea this does have some distinct advantages. At cruising speeds even with a 90hp you are able to throttle back to low revs. This translates into fantastic fuel efficiency not usually associated with this size and weight of boat and reduces stress on the engine. Meaning your Pirate 21 will not only be cheaper to run but it will also be cheaper to maintain long term.

As with all Pirate Boats the 21 was designed by fishermen for fishermen. What we were looking for is a boat that would fulfil our needs fishing the turbulent waters of south west wales where the ability to travel 25 to 30 miles to the shark fishing grounds in the irish sea was of upmost importance whilst still exhibiting the practicality and comfort for use as a family day boat. The Pirate 21 does all this and more.

  • Deep V Planning hull

  • Dry, slam free ride

  • Stable at anchor

  • Heavy duty lay up as standard

  • Grid system chassis

  • Trailerable

  • Superb performance and fuel economy

  • Large storage areas

  • Huge cockpit High freeboard

  • 2 berths

  • Available in inboard or outboard

  • Lockable split access cabin doors

  • Top quality stainless steel hardware


  • 6 year structural warranty
  • L.O.A: 21ft 10inches/6.65m
  • Beam: 7ft 6inches/2.35m
  • Dry weight: Approx. 1250kg
  • Recommended engines (Outboard): 90-250hp
  • Recommended engines (Inboard): 120-270hp
  • Internal freeboard: 27inches

Performance Figures

  • (Outboard) 90hp 30mph/27knotts
  • 135hp 37mph/34knotts
  • 150hp 40mph/37knotts
  • 175hp 44mph/40knotts
  • 200hp 47mph/43knotts
  • 225hp 50mph/46knotts
Watch the online video review here